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Deathbygummybears.com is known for creating the most delectable hemp-extracted gummies on planet earth! We offer a tasty and incredible line of Delta 8 products aiming to make people get the most of their gummy consuming experience. Our commitment and values to provide our customers with the best of the best gummies that are safe and pure drive us to make these exceptional little bears of fun.

Our Story

Founded by a group of passionate individuals who were sick of all these imitation Delta 8 products that are often incorrectly dosed, spray coated, or worse; made by government. Deathbygummybears.com believes that nobody should be deprived of the goodness of natures splendor.

Delta 8 is all the rage right now, it’s basically fetch 4.20. We took the opportunity to came up with an entirely new exploration process into making delicious edible gummies. After much painstaking research and some really fun research we found out how to make these things taste exactly like the flavors we love, and we hope you’ll love them too!



 Our Flavors

Deathbygummybears.com is your ultimate one-stop store where you can avail a wide array of flavors to satisfy your tastes. Our current lineup is six tantalizing flavors for every spectrum of the taste galaxy. We hope our premium Delta 8 edible gummies will delight your taste buds far beyond your wildest expectations and will leave you craving more!

Birthday Cake – Our flagship and one of the most popular flavors, it will have you celebrating every day as if it were your birthday!

Watermelon – Juicy and refreshing, nobody has a better tasting watermelon than Deathbygummybears.com.

Blueberry – Absolutely the bluest flavor around, if bluest meant the best tasting.

Key Lime – Straight from the Florida keys to your taste buds, this one might even be better than the real thing!

Lemon Bar – Just like grandma used to make! Only with a secret* ingredient. *(it’s Delta 8)

Peach – Straight up it’s peachy dopeness, nuff said. 

Strawberry Jam – Packed with strawberry goodness, it’s sure to be your jam.

Tropical Thunder – A blended mix of tropical tastes that really brings the thunder!

Grape Ape – The most grape of all the grapes, you’ll go ape for this flavor. 

If you’re on a quest for tasty treasures, precisely categorized by flavor, we have what you seek!


Wholesale Registration

If you wish to partner with us for wholesale, feel free to connect with our team. We will get your queries solved and get you onboard as fast as possible.